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Main switchboards

Safety, quality, efficiency and endurance. When these qualities are required for

electrical power distribution, an electrical switchboard solution from

CUBIC is the ideal choice.

Main switchboard built in the Modular System
Any main switchboard designed in the Modular System, offers an infinite opportunity for effective power distribution up to 6300 A.

The possibility of construction in FORM 1-4 separation in both main and distribution switchboards from CUBIC ensures an optimal safety for both equipment, operation and personnel. Personnel and operational safety are focus points in the Modular System.

Multi Drawer - All advantages - One system

Multi Drawer is CUBIC's fully withdrawable system for switchboards. In all its simplicity, it consists of highly versatile and withdrawable drawers, which can be reconfigured or extended, while the switchboard is in operation.

”Turn opportunity into advantage”... is the essence of CUBIC’s Multi Drawer system. Advantages in terms of versatility, operational safety, dependability and cost effectiveness in withdrawable units for any type of switchboard. Advantages known from the Modular System upon which Multi Drawer is constructed.


Multi Drawer provides the possibility to offer compact solutions, which simultaneously meet the end-user’s demands for a competitive product. A wide range of features increases competitiveness compared with other draw-out enclosure systems.


A Multi Drawer
The Drawers in the Multi Drawer are designed with a focus on optimal utilisation of the space in the
switchboard. It is therefore possible to choose between drawers from 16A to 630A with physical sizes from 1-3 modules. Drawers are prepared for installation on all available bus systems including use of Ethernet.

Degree of protection
Drawers are available up to IP54 protection for the enclosure, up to IP30 internal with shutters

and up to IP20 internally without shutter.


Tile Multi Drawer

Degree of protection (with shutter) Up yo IP30, with shutter, internal

Degree of proection Up to IP20 without shutter, internal

Degree of protection (enclosure) Op to IP54

Drawer size 1x1 to 3x2 Modules

Material/Basic treatment Electro-galvanized or iron phosphated steel plate

Standards and approvals AS/NZS 61439

Internal separation Form 3b or Form 4b

Rated vo;tage (Ue) Up to 1000 V; 50Hz 

Recognized test laboratories ensure our independency Switchboards build in the Modular System are verifiable  according to the AS/NZS 61439 standard. CUBIC pays great attention to both personal safety and operational dependability and therefore, we currently carry out tests that are demanded by the market, such as earthquake tests, shock tests and arcing tests. All tests are carried out by independent and leading test laboratories.

Modular System
When a safe and efficient power distribution is needed – the CUBIC Modular System is the answer. The Modular System from CUBIC is one of the most versatile and safe enclosure solutions in the market. The Modular System is an enclosure system for electrical switchboards making it possible to construct any type of low voltage switchboard.

Freedom to assemble the kind of electrical switchboard you need The CUBIC Modular System is constructed on the basis of a main module size of 192 mm, which is dividable with 12 figures without decimals. A module size, which ensures a maximum of versatility and an enclosure that meets individual requirements and demands
from end-user, customer and consultant. Construct an electrical switchboard solution based on a range of standard components without compromise in relation to the level of quality. Freedom to choose the electrical components and switchgear from the component manufacturer you prefer.

Tested and documented system
The Modular System is extensively tested by leading and independent test laboratories. This ensures a high validity of our assertions and ensures a documentation and independency, on which all stakeholders can rely.
The Modular System is verifiable according to the AS/NZS 61439 standard. AS/NZS 61439 has in May of 2021
replaced the previous AS/NZS 3439 standard.

Title Modular System
Standard AS/NZS 61439

Operational voltage Up to 1000 V, 50 Hz
Materials Electro-galvanized/iron phosphated steel plate
Degree of protection Up to IP54
Rated peak withstand current Up to 264 kA
Rated voltage, insulation 1000 V AC

Busbar systems rating Up to 6300 A
Short-circuit test icw up to 120 kA

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