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Modular Enclosures
Elsteel constantly tests their modular enclosures to the most rigorous criteria to
ensure you can trust one of the most advanced, flexible solutions on the market.


Techno Module
(Basic Framework Modular System)
This is the original 200 mm modular grid solution. Elsteeel patented modular
construction is designed to build Low Voltage Panelboards, Switchboards and
Motor Control Centers. Tested with multiple circuit breaker brands, flexibility
allows you to make changes to the board during and after construction.

All systems are AS/NZS 61439-1/-2 Design Verified.
Elsteel products are manufactured under strict quality assurance - ISO 9001-
certified and audited by DNV GL.

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Key Features

Modular system based on 200mm grid 

Zirconium nano pre-treatment of steel.

Fine textured powder coated RAL 7035 

Suitable for extreme climate conditions

High strength, low weight

Design Verified and tested up to 7100A

Short Circuit rating up to 120kA

IP55 is standard 

Internal arc fault test according to IEC TR 61641


Suitable For:

Main Switchboards

Distribution switchboards

Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Fixed or Fully Withdrawable

Busbar System

Elsteel manufacture one of the world’s most advanced and flexible Design Verified busbar systems. Supports and
holders are made from reinforced self-extinguishing material. Busbars systems utilize standard 10 mm flat bars and are a clamp-type arrangement, this allows the bars to easily slide into their holders, offering easy assembly, as well as minimum resistance during expansion or contraction.

bh 1.png
mab_&_flexibar 1.png
ubh_with_Cu 1.png

Key Features
Total solution from 250A - 7100A with a short circuit rating up to 120kA/1sec and 100kA/3sec

Main busbar chamber can be in the top, bottom, middle or rear section of the panel.


Vast range of busbar holders for different ratings of busbar systems.

Air natural ventilated busbar systems - no need for forced air ventilation.


Standard 10mm flat copper or aluminium bars.

Assembler/panel builder purchases his own copper or aluminium bars.


Arc fault containment testing in accordance with IEC TR 61641.

Easy and quick to assemble.

Plug&Power (1) 1.png

Plug & Power™
Plug & Power™ is a revolutionary new way of making 

Power Distribution Boards and Motor Control Centres!

A Techno Module panel with Plug & Power™ can be modified,

changed and rearranged indefinitely,

while maintaining your power supply to critical equipment.
The vertical busbar risers & droppers are mounted in a unique busbar holder, 

this doubles as a Form 4 separation plate and a plug-in base. 

We call it the motherboard. These motherboards run the entire 
height of each Plug & Power™ section. 

Design verified AS/NZS 61439-2

Appilcable Standards

AS/NZS 61439-1/-2 & IEC TR 61641

UL/cUL Recognized Mark for Techno Module components

Lloyd's Register Type Approval Certificate

ABS Type Approval Certificate

Bureau Veritas (BV) Type Approval Certificate

DNV-GL Type Approval Certificate

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